At Crocker’s Folly our menu is specially prepared by Chef
Michele and Chef Mohammed Malaeb,
who hand picks the finest and freshest ingredients from the best UK suppliers.

With tastes from the mediterranean oozing from every plate, our signature dishes include such delights as Pan Fried Lamb Cannon, Lobster Tagliolino, Beef Tartare & Black Truffles.

If your mouth is watering already, get the full, tasty details by looking at our full menus.

À LA CARTE (Dinner)


Soup of the Day

£ 5.00

Marinated Mackerel

With yogurt beetroot and vinegar onion

£ 11.00

Moscardini alla Luciana

Baby Octopus with tomato sauce, black olive and chilly

£ 9.95

Beef Tartar and Black Truffle

With chives, paprika, red onions, egg yolk

£ 16.00

Crockers’s Folly Quinoa Salad

Chives, paprika, red onions and free range egg yolk

£ 7.50

Burrata with Tomato Coulis

£ 12.00


Risotto Saffron

£ 13.00

Pappardelle with Black Kale

Porcini mushrooms and black truffle

£ 15.00

Tagliolini seafood

£ 15.00



Sea Salt Crust Whole Sea Bass

Steamed vegetables

£ 23.00


With crushed potato, artichokes, pecorino cheese

£ 17.00


With pumpkin cream and gravy sauce

£ 20.00

Veal Cutlet

With roasted vegetables

£ 22.00

Bread Crusted Aubergine Parmigiana

With tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil

£ 15.00


From The Josper Grill

Rib Eye Steak

(300 gr)

£ 28.00

Angus Beef Fillet

(250 gr)

£ 28.00

Rack Lamb

(330 gr)

£ 24.00

Baby Chicken

£ 20.00

Served with Green Peppercorn / Béarnaise sauce and choice of one side dish


Side Dishes

Steamed broccoli £4.00

Mash potato £3.50

Steamed spinach £4.00

Chips £3.50

Rocket and cherry tomato £4.50

Tomato and onion salad £4.50

Crocker’s Folly
Quinoa Salad

Mixed Vegetables & Feta Cheese Cream

Lobster Tagliolino

Cooked in Lobster and
Tomato Bisque


Bread Crusted
Aubergine Parmigiana